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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Magic of Oz with Graphic 45 papers

I fell in love with these marvelous papers from Graphic 45's The Magic of Oz. I found this paper box book form at Hobby Lobby, plain. I then took some choice pieces of the Magic of Oz sheets and collaged the pieces outside and inside my faux book. I did several things to make my book unique. I made a packaging tape transparency of Dorothy. To do that, you take clear packing tape ususally about 2 inches wide, and simply lay it down firmly on top of the selected image. I used two strips of packing tape and taped over Dororthy so no part of her was not covered. I then burnished it on firmly by taking my bone folder and applied pressure to the image to make sure it was air tight on the tape. Then I dropped the image in warm water and let it set for about 2-3 minutes. Then I gently rubbed of the backing the pulpy paper will rub off with your thumb and fingers. Rub off the pulp until you see through and oila! A very cool transparent image! I then made sure it was dry, and even took my sanding block and gently sanded off any little paper shreds. You must be careful not to rub off the image, just rub off the paper backing. I have done this a few times before, and what's neat about transparent images is that you can lay them on other paper and that paper will show through just enough to entice you to look closely. It's a lot of fun too. I put the transparent image on a clear acetate sheet, and adhered another Graphic 45 newsprint from the Magic of Oz series as a clear page for the book. I taped the clear page on with clear transparent regular tape. I thought it would be neat to put one of those cute battery operated tea lights inside since I have a transparent page, but the light is a little weak to totally get the effect of the transparent image. 
For the outside of the book, I used black linen cardstock. It totally looks like an old book cover. I just trimmed it in gold trimming I found at Red Lead. It was a fun project, and it definitely qualifies for altered art. One of my other crafty things I like to do! Hope you enjoy!