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Sunday, March 4, 2012

 I am sure you recognize the shape. I have artist friends and blogs I follow that alter the coolest things. They alter jars, silverware, picture frames, vintage tins, vintage windows and shelves and vintage clothing. Not I. Well I do that stuff sometimes. No, not today. Today I go and alter a toilet paper roll! Of all things, really!
I found though that this little gadget-- also known as a Doo Doo tube --you know, when your kids take an empty toilet paper roll and go around the house blowing it like a kazoo, making the Doo Doo sound!
Well this gadget also covers my desk duster really well, so it maintains it's shape. I didn't like the look of the plain brown toilet paper roll, so I took an aluminum soda can piece --yes I cut up an aluminum soda can so I could alter the metal. I ran that piece of aluminum through my Cuddlebug with a Tim Holtz embossing folder. I then adhered the aluminum piece to the roll with that fantastic double sided red tape. It adheres really well, and this needed strong adhesive. I also ran some brads up and down the seam so it would stick even better, and give it a more rustic look. I punched some holes all around the edges of the top and bottom and took some black lanyard lacing and wound the bottom and top with that. Then I took some acrylic paint, some ocean blue and bahama blue and painted the entire surface with Americana acrylic paint, and let that dry. When that was completely dry, I sanded off quite a bit of the blue paint, and then used some Perfect Pearl mica powders. I covered the surface with the medium and then spritzed the powders with water and painted the copper, bronze and a little gold on and let it dry. That was it! Now I have a rather cool duster cover. My altered doo doo tube!