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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homemade Clip-it-up--I made one!

I have read several ways to make a homemade Clip-it-up on the Internet and from You-Tube and from several other websites. I was starting to collect a lot of stickers through sales and friends buying me little scrapbook presents. My old method of keeping them in a box prevented me from seeing what I had. The Clip-it-up idea really was right up my alley-especially the frugally homemade version-haha! I love it! I went to a local thrift store and bought the right kind of lampshade. It has to have a supported center that will screw onto the standard lamp fitting. I looked for the ugliest lampshade because I knew I would tear the material off the metal lampshade frame. I bought the lampshade for $2.00. Then I went to the local hardware store and bought the standard lamp fixture threaded rod. I also bought the locknuts and washers that fit the standard threaded lamp fixture rod. Then I looked for a base to put my clip-it-up on. I found one at Michael's. I think it cost $2.99, and I used a sale coupon so it was about 2.69 or close to that. The threaded rod cost about 4-5 dollars, and the locknots and washers cost about 2.79 or close to that amount. I know I spent a total of 13.00 for my homemade clip-it up, and it rotates around, so all I have to do is just twirl it slowly so I can pick from my collections! I mostly used the version I saw on You-Tube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19Up523UXUk This is a great tutorial if you want to make one too!

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Idea Queen said...

oh my gosh I love this. I have a homemade one too. I found mine at Goodwill.

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