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Monday, July 23, 2012

Mixed Media on Canvas

Here is one of my first attempts with mixed media on canvas. A while back a friend of mine sent me a link to Christy Tomlinson's She Art blog. You can view it here.  I certainly love her style. She makes it look like so much fun. I had to try it. I think I like how it turned out. I have a lot to learn yet, but this was tons of fun. So much so I want to do it some more!
This one may be my first in placement on the wall,
Then this one in the center, with the larger butterfly,

Then this one as the last placement.

These were done using designer paper, acrylic paint, light modeling paste mixed with some acrylic paint, and some rubber stamps and punches. I used all kinds of stencil templates to add the modeling paste. You can tell I obviously tried to do a few things that Christy shows how to do in her tutorial.  It was just fun to do!

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Kel said...

WOW.. that is gorgeous! I will have to click on the link and check out her style!

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